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some of my newest paintings


Paintjoy - an Android application.

Hi everyone!

I actually meant to start this month with a creative Adventskalender, that is to say to create something everyday until Christmas. If you don't know what an Adventskalender is, you can google it and find loads of information, but it is essentially a countdown from the first day of December to Christmas's Eve, typical from Germany, where you have like 24 small windows with chocolate or small gift inside. Everyday you have to open the window relative to the day (they're numbered) and fin something new - without cheating!! ~ which, given my love of chocolate, is not that easy ~

I meant to, but things happend which stalled me. so I made only some works for some days.. mainly drawings, and I'm working on a bag.

The thing is ~ hence the title ~ I downloaded this free app for my phone: Paintjoy.
I have recenly bought an HTC Wildfire which runs Android and now I have experimented this app.

my fingers are not really tiny and the canvas are quite small in this free version, so the results are limited, but I must admit I am quite satisfied with what I achieved.
Here are some drawings I have made:

(( first is the Nerdilicious Nerdy Man - I like how it turned out.. it was the second try I think, a bit sketchy but I could not not show him here ))

(( second is one art nouveau ispired female character. could be a self portrait, it is not actually. I experimented with flowing lines - which I adore drawing ))

((third is a random female character. I wanted to try my chubby style on this app. the round shapes I like so much are a bit limited by the canvas size and the size of my fingers but I'm rather satisfied with this one ))

In conclusion, the app is fun to use, but not ideal for "art". Well, probably who wants to create art this way shall use a tablet device like an iPad or something. Rita Flores is an artist who paints on an I pad and does some amazing stuff, you can check her stuff at her homepage here: [ l.i.n.k. ] or you can follow her on twitter @ritaflo.
Another thing you may need to create art is obviously some artistic talent and technique, both things in which I lack, but then again.. I'll never claim to be an artist in this respect.

have a nice evening/day all,

Indil ♥