I am back with a new blog.. new format and contents, enjoy!


Find out about what happens when geeks fall in love...


some of my newest paintings


I got featured!!!

Do you remember my friends who are planning the #nerdwedding?

They featured me on their blog and asked me a couple of questions about what I am doing for them and what "being a nerd" means to me.

You can read it  here  (In Italian).

But basically here you can see some work in progress of what I am doing for them.

For Daka I chose something elvish-y and art-nouveau-ish (because that's a lot how I see Elven Things), so I went for floral and winding lines. Her favourite flower is the gerbera (which I feel is more hobbity than elvish) but I tried to embed it into flowing lines.

A big source of insipration have been Professor Tolkien's very own Heraldry for the Houses of Middle Earth and the masterpieces of my favourite painter of all Alfons Mucha. 

Dark is a big fan of star wars and science fiction so it was a bit more difficult for me because my imagination is a lot more eradicated in the fantasy/mythology land. So I researched  spaceships and space monsters to find something suitable and I realised that Star wars has all these fancy symbols that I so wanted to adapt into something fluid, the way I feel more comfortable about drawing.
And I came up with this...

Are you excited about what comes next? I am.
stay tuned!

Nerdily yours,


Painting #1


I have been painting quite a bit lately, I really need to paint more but these are my first efforts and I am pretty satisfied with them.
they are acrylic and wax pastels, I am taking inspiration from materials and shapes mostly.



Hello dearies!
After a long long long time I have decided to revive my old blog.

This is partly an exercise in perseverance and partly because I wanted to find a place to show the things I do.

I want to be a lot more creative and I am really working on it. I am drawing a lot, and I hop e to get my hands dirty on crafts and sewing a lot more, soon.

The blog has a new structure and features:

- I will feature posts in the picture slide header and you can find these posts also under FEATURED
- The menu  MY_ART will take you to my drawings, sketches and crafts
- The menu REVIEWS will take you to my short revirew of my favourite tv shows, books or people. I have so many talented friends that I want to have some interview with them.
- IT/EN/DE » I will try to  write the posts in 3 languages, but the main language will remain English, but the menu will make it easier to  navigate through the posts.

I will add links and feature with time and post the updates.

Happy blogging!

Nerdily yours,
Indil ♥

#nerdwedding is a thing

Is there a more perfect way to re-open my blog than talking about a very nerdilicious Love?
I don't think so.

And this is serious business... I have two friends (well, more than two actually), but this two friends in particular who are going to get married next year.

 ((these are my friends - cute, aren't they?))

"YAY!", you'd think "Why should I care?" you ask me. Because  the are both geeks who are trying to organize a nerd wedding, BUT they are penniless and in Italy the economic situation being what it is they are looking for sponsors to sponsor their wedding who would help them with products, services or publicity.

I know this is a thing already in the US and the Anglo-Saxon world, but it's quite new in Italy and they are looking for support, they already have some pretty neat stuff, like Chessex  sposoring D20s as a gift for the guests.

They are Claudia and Marco aka Daka and Dark, hence the name of the blog they created for their wedding: DIperDI. (It's mostly in Italian but they have a page in English and they are happy for every for of support)

I met Claudia on a Tolkien-related online forum about 11 years ago and we shared that passion ever since, so when they posted about their wedding I figured I wanted to help with the little skills I have.

So I figured I could make something out of fabric and I came up with the idea of making Coats of Arms for them, their House Banners. I am going for something fantasy-like for her and something sci-fi-y for him and also a banner for the new family once conjoined.

I have been sketching a couple of drafts and I will post them after I checked with the happy couple.
I am very excited about this, it is actually my very first commission.

Find out more about them on Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Ask fm

I'll keep you posted!
Nerdily yours,


Good News as Yule Presents!

Hi everyone!

Though I failed in creating my daily crafty Adventskalender I still have mede some things and I bring good news.
On December, 15th The Impossible Girl by Kim Boekbinder was released. And I am listening to it in this very moment!

It is an amazing record, which comes with amazing art for every track.
I've been waiting for it for so long and now I am super happy and satisfied! It's just great!
You should definitely check it out :




It also comes with all kind of goodies: t-shirts, posters, cards, and - NEW! - a new cosmetic line from Sweet Libertine, inspired by The Impossible Girl!!!!

The Impossible Girl has the form of two eye shades and a glitter, available:


What are you waiting for???


I said there are some news.. and here they are.

I have a job!!! w00t!

Yes, starting from January I will work in the Tourist Office in Hinterzarten, a village in the Black Forest Highlands (South Germany), and I'm totally glad! I have been doing an internship in the Tourist company for the last 6 months, and I'm happy that I have been employed now because it means I have done a good job untile now and that everyone was happy about my work!

Mum told me she didn't want to talk to me the night dad told her I would stay in Germany to work. I can understand that. She knows I want to do this and it's a great chance for me, and she's happy for me, but I can understand that it makes her somehow sad, since I won't be going home that often anymore..

And yes, today though it's Sunday, I'll have to take some Italian journalist to ourr gorgeous Christmas Market and I will probably freeze to death.. I really haven't found the right winter shoes yet! damn it!!


It comes in the form of a sewing project.
It's actually a no sew man shirt recon: I had founf a tutorial on CutOut+Keep this summer fr this super easy project.. and no wI have two shirts and I have tried it. it's fabulous!

You basically need to button up two shirts together and then tie the sleeves on your back, and voilà! (Click on the image to enlarge)

You can find the original Tutorial: HERE.

On Tuesday I am travelling back to Italy to spend Christmas with my friends and family!

Nerdily yours,
Indil ♥

Zipper Flower Brooch/Pendant


It's vey hard to work with zippers but I like them so much!!And i think I'm getting better with every piece.

This I will use as a pendant, as I need to buy new pins to transform it into a brooch but I think it 'd do a nice effect, a little steampunk-retro feeling.

I believe I improved, though you can still see some of the thread in the front image, But that's because I chose a very light thred at the beginning which I then changed.

have a nice evening everybody!

Zipper Brooch

here's my new baby!!
you've probablt noticed I'm really into brooches more than ever!!

this one is something I wanted to do for a long time, and now I've finally come back at my parents' home where I have all the sewing stuff.. sewing machine and all sorts of materials and fabrics!! YAY!!! =)

I introduce you my zipper brooch, made from a 60 cm long zipper and thread.
very simple materials, but it's complicated to twist it and give it the right shape, so it took quite a while to end.
I haven't decided yet if I'll make an actual brooch out of it or a belt or some hair accessoire, I don't know yet.

Big credits for the inspiration goes to this girl: Skwarynia at

I haven't got the chance to put the watermark on these, but please don't steal them.. or the art theft ninja will punish you!!

I know that the back is still a bit messy, and you can see the stitches in some parts, but I like the way it turned out being the first attempt.


Nighty Night! ♥