Hello dearies!
After a long long long time I have decided to revive my old blog.

This is partly an exercise in perseverance and partly because I wanted to find a place to show the things I do.

I want to be a lot more creative and I am really working on it. I am drawing a lot, and I hop e to get my hands dirty on crafts and sewing a lot more, soon.

The blog has a new structure and features:

- I will feature posts in the picture slide header and you can find these posts also under FEATURED
- The menu  MY_ART will take you to my drawings, sketches and crafts
- The menu REVIEWS will take you to my short revirew of my favourite tv shows, books or people. I have so many talented friends that I want to have some interview with them.
- IT/EN/DE » I will try to  write the posts in 3 languages, but the main language will remain English, but the menu will make it easier to  navigate through the posts.

I will add links and feature with time and post the updates.

Happy blogging!

Nerdily yours,
Indil ♥

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