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some of my newest paintings


Creativity makes people beautiful

Authentic Passions.
They make people beautiful. They make people intense and worth admiration.
Today I've been struck by this in different ways.

Listening to music, watching art, pondering on artists and performances. Pondering on words like 'pondering', which sounds beautifully in my ears, words like 'Guadalajara', spoken in a correct Spanish pronunciation.

I was watching pictures of some of my favourite artists and found myself thinking, why are they all so beautiful and shiny!? Are they just beautiful, all of them!?
Maybe they are, but then I came to the conclusion that that's because they are expressing themselves at their best, because they do things they like and love, because they find ways to express, because they are talented and they don't waist their talent.

And this makes me a little sad because I can't do it. I'm a time-waister, I don't have a proper talent, nor am I able to foster it. I'm not the kind of person who fights, I'm one who lets herself live by life, not the other way around.

the most creative thing I have done so far is finishing a wallet I started almost a month ago.
it is just a prototype, so it has many mistakes.. i messed up the top hem and i used a bias tape instead of a ribbon, which gives a worn look, but it will also get ruined sooner.
The seams are very approximatives, but I am pretty satisfied of how it turned out in the end.
I have learnt a lot from it..

And, ouch! I have conjuntivitis, or pink eye.. it's been days now and it's really annoying. I was thinking of making a pirate eyepatch for my right eye.. and Gothictany is endorsing that.. but I can't find the right fabric/ribbons to do it like I have it in my mind... I'll have to wait for that.

well then, I'll leave you with a song by the marvellous Marian Call, which is called "I'll still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's chic (the Nerd anthem)". A song about passion, and obsession.

<a href="">I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic (the Nerd Anthem) by Marian Call</a>

after that.. please comment!


Being Human - The Musical (extreme blogging edition)

Hello all,

I've been absent (now tell us something we don't already know! )..

I know, it's always like that.

Anyways.. I have been recently sucked into a tunnel called BEING HUMAN.
As I told in my previous blog I've been totally absorbed by this British TV series, which aired on BBC3 Sundays and ended last Sunday.
A very sad thought, but I've been in good company mourning the end of this little TV jewel thanks to the BBC BH Blog [check it here - warning may contain spoilers].

Those bloggers are amazing! XD
At first I found a little hard to get into conversations especially because they post so much it's hard to keep up.. but after a while I got to understand how it works "the ancient machinery of the world" and it's a blast!

I am the unlucky one who couldn't follow the live blog due to regional restrictions, but I can follow the blog =) And I am so glad to the BH Production and BH Blog Team for always putting all the videos on YouTube so I can see them!! thank you!!!!

Well, the thing is.. we (users from the blog) created our own music score to the series through a song game where we put songs we think might fit the different characters. The results are very itneresting and made me discover a lot of great songs..

I decide to post the final playlist here in order for me to update it whenever needed.


knockin of heavens door - bob dylan
The Legion of the Hungry Ghosts - Kim Boekbinder/Vermillion Lies
there's a ghost in my house - r dean taylor
There's A Ghost In My House - The Fall.
you can't touch this - mc hammer
see right through me - mobile
thank you - jamelia (for owen)
I'll be watching you - Police
Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield/ Maggie Reilly
oughta know - alanis morrisette (with Owen)


the thong song

one way or another" - Blondie
we made you - eminem
Bad Things - Jace Everett
Your Missus Is A Nutter - GLC.
Bodies – sex pistols
blood on the tracks - bob dylan?
run this town - rihanna etc!

kill you - eminem
Stab your back (coroner mix) – the Damned
Crazy - Patsy Cline (in memory of Ivan)
Wicked Ways - Garbage

i will always love you - whitney houston
please dont leave me - pink
wolf like me
Love song - the Damned
Howl - Florence + the machine
Bang bang - Nancy Sinatra
The killing moon- Echo& the bunnymen
I try - Macy Grey (before the scratch)
First time ever I saw your face - Ewan MacColl
Hurt - Johnny Cash (George trying to leave Nina)
should I stay or should I go - the clash (pre-scratch)

go wild in the country - bowowowow
Sign of the Wolf - Pentagram.
The curse of Millhaven - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Bark At the Moon – Ozzy Ozborne
Blue Moon - too many to mention
hungry like the wolf - duran duran
can't fight the moonlight - leann rimes
Neat Neat Neat – the Damned

Death is not the End - Nick Cave and the Bad seeds

we'll meet again - vera lynn
The Lovecats - The Cure (in the eighties)

religious - r. kelly
all i do each night is pray- take that
God was drunk when he made me - Jim White
please, please please (let me get what i want) - the smiths
living on a prayer - madonna
Losing My Religion – REM

She blinded me with science - Thomas Dolby
coward - american head charge
Inflammable Material – SLF
it wasn't me - shaggy

Bitch - Meredith Brooks
Christian Woman - Type O Negative.
Papa don't preach - Madonna
the Bitch is back - Elton
The sex has made me stupid - Robots in Disguise
Liar - the Damned
Loo – the Cult Maniax*
bad boys - alexandra burke
im a ***** ((female dog)) - alanis morrisette
stop – jamelia (for Lucy and Mitchell)

down in the Tubestation at midnight - the Jam
Smash it up – the Damned (Coroners office)
Black Eyed Boy - Texas
Love Will Save You (But It Won't Save Me) - Swans.
sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
time is on my side- rolling stones
with black eyes - placebo
red right hand - nick cave
blood on my hands (used)
love stinks - adam sandler
My way - Frank Sinatra

If you tolerate this (then your children will be next) - Manic street Preachers
She wolf - Shakira
Nina is a Punk rocker - the Ramones
under pressure - david bowie and freddie mercury? (in the compression chamber)
scarred and scared - rod stewart
torn - Natalie Imbruglia
Temptation Waits - Garbage (first change)

redemption song - Bob Marley
Born to be Wild - Steppen Wolf.
if i could turn back time - cher
the message - grandmaster flash and the furious 5.
Parklife - Blur

Train Guard/Sparky: Sick things – Meteors
Trevor:Tuna Fish by Emiliana Torrini
:Stuck/Suck on you – Lionel Richtie
All in the “Facility”: Sanctuary – The Cult
Decompression Chamber: The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave
Episode 8: The Final Countdown - Europe
Censsa: run to the hills - iron maiden
The Three/Four-some: Stand by Me - Ben E King
The Fab4: monster mash - Bobby 'boris' pickett & the cryptkickers
Annie/Mitchell theory: Earth Angel - Chuck Berry
Any and all: Iris - the Goo Goo Dolls