Creativity makes people beautiful

Authentic Passions.
They make people beautiful. They make people intense and worth admiration.
Today I've been struck by this in different ways.

Listening to music, watching art, pondering on artists and performances. Pondering on words like 'pondering', which sounds beautifully in my ears, words like 'Guadalajara', spoken in a correct Spanish pronunciation.

I was watching pictures of some of my favourite artists and found myself thinking, why are they all so beautiful and shiny!? Are they just beautiful, all of them!?
Maybe they are, but then I came to the conclusion that that's because they are expressing themselves at their best, because they do things they like and love, because they find ways to express, because they are talented and they don't waist their talent.

And this makes me a little sad because I can't do it. I'm a time-waister, I don't have a proper talent, nor am I able to foster it. I'm not the kind of person who fights, I'm one who lets herself live by life, not the other way around.

the most creative thing I have done so far is finishing a wallet I started almost a month ago.
it is just a prototype, so it has many mistakes.. i messed up the top hem and i used a bias tape instead of a ribbon, which gives a worn look, but it will also get ruined sooner.
The seams are very approximatives, but I am pretty satisfied of how it turned out in the end.
I have learnt a lot from it..

And, ouch! I have conjuntivitis, or pink eye.. it's been days now and it's really annoying. I was thinking of making a pirate eyepatch for my right eye.. and Gothictany is endorsing that.. but I can't find the right fabric/ribbons to do it like I have it in my mind... I'll have to wait for that.

well then, I'll leave you with a song by the marvellous Marian Call, which is called "I'll still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's chic (the Nerd anthem)". A song about passion, and obsession.

<a href="http://mariancall.bandcamp.com/track/ill-still-be-a-geek-after-nobody-thinks-its-chic-the-nerd-anthem">I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic (the Nerd Anthem) by Marian Call</a>

after that.. please comment!

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  1. Hullo, mnn,,, sorry ment to say bonjorno!, just a small note to thank you for posting the song from Marian Call, now im gonna go search more of her music, lovely lovely song..
    and the wallet is very cool.. liked a lot the pattern of the fabric..
    well, seeya..