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some of my newest paintings


Yellow HappYness & Graduation

I've been pretty lazy, very lazy lately.
But now I have a bunch of good resolutions for next year, especially when it comes to sewing and crafting.

First news: I FINALLY GRADUATED ( on the 2nd December actually) and it was very nice to get rid of that burden. I had the highest mark I could get and I'm happy for it. I'm not usually the kind of person to boost for such things or to show off, but I'm really glad it all ended well, because I was really demotvated at some point.

Great results were a good start.
So, I graduated and then got lazy.

I shall send away thousands of CVs and haven't really though about it yet for a reason or another.

Well, the thing is I spent a very nice Xmas with friends and family, and still haven't prepared a gift for anyone! XD (laaaazyyyyyyy) but today I went to IKEA with my mom and finally found a measuring cup with both Imperial and Metric system.
Now I can try to craft some body butters and lipbalms I've seen on the InternetZ (on Threadbanger or MakeYourCosmetics ).

The first attempt of my little alchemist's lab is the following:

This is made with all natural ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, wheat germ oil + vitamin E, distilled water and cetyl alcohol, cinnamon and vanilla essential oils.
it looks very yellow and its consistency is a bit thick, but it smells great, though it smells perhaps a little too much like shea.. I should add more drops of essential oils maybe.

As a first attempt, I am very proud of it though!!!

Now I wish you good night, and the happiest and safest New Year!!
loads of luvz


The Kim&Cindy Necklace and other stories..

so today I've decided to try and create something out of the hama beads shapes I created yesterday.. and the results were dreadful.

I was really discouraged, because I didn't feel like anything good would come from my hands, but then I started working on a necklace and in the end it was not so bad!

I started it while waiting for Kim Boekbinder's webcast to begin, in case you don't know should. She's a very talented artist, a great singer and musician, I love all of her songs and she is also such an amazing person to read and to listen to that you can't help but love her.
she has also a fundraiser to get enough money in order to record her first solo album (she's a member of the amazing duo Vermillion Lies, together with her sister Zoe Boekbinder), so I invite you all to donate, even a small amount to support art as a process.

The Impossible Girl
- Kim Boekbinder's solo album.

Well.. she does these webcasts almost weekly where she plays songs on her ukulele and sings and chat with us fans and friends and is amazing. Tonight she had it w/Cindywonderful who is also in Berlin and I kept making the necklace during all the webcast.

That's why I decided to call it "the Kim&Cindy necklace".
And here's a picture..

as you can see, the bunny is made out of hama beads and I addd some other beads and used brown and pink cotton threads to join them.

Then again the other jewel I create dtoday is an earring, but I don't like it very much..I don't know why, but there is something that doesn't convince me.. I let you decide wether itis good or not..

Ther you go!
Please please please, give me some feedback! good or bad, I need to understand what I can or can't put in my etsy shop!
G'night cats


The Hama Beads Experience

Hi everybody,
I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog lately but I've been very busy writing my degree thesis and so I hadn't got the chance to craft anything or to do anything apart that.

Now I'm back with some brand new materials and new ideas for creative mind. Now that I won't have anything to do for some weeks (I will discuss my thesis in the first week of december and then I will be embraced by Mother Unemployment) I decided that I want to go back to sewing and crafting.

I missed sewing all this time; my sewing machine was at my parent's place and I was living in another city so I didn't got the chance to exploit my full creative side.

This time I want to talk to you about HAMA BEADS or PERLER.
They are these plastic beads you compose together following certain patterns, pretty much the way you do in pixel art or cross stitching, and then fuse them together by ironing them. They're very fun to work with, though I am still learning and I still need to practice some more..

I'll show you some of my results hereunder. Please comment and give me some feedback, I'd much appreciate it.

You can see them here: FLICKR (I'm having some troubles uploding pictures here, I'll possibly fix it later)

You can see I made 2 bunnies, the pink one is my OC Puff!, a rainbow and some fruit..

Well it's all for tonight! Thanks for reading, hugses!


jewels on my mind

hey everyone!

First BIG NEWS!!
I have paypal now!! I can accept payments and donations and stuff!! *__________*
I'm opened to commissions from now on.

My account is: simplynerdilicious [!at]

Please put @ where the [!at] is, and it will work! =)
I'm so excited..

in the last couple of days I've been working with very inspirating materials.. copper thread and leather.
I had these leather leftovers from a necklace EPIC FAIL I tried last week and I wanted to do something with it.. it was too pity just throw them away and such a terrible waste!
So I thougth about what I could do with some leather strips and, except some dirty things (LOL!) I came up with the idea of making earrings or some othe sort of jewelry.
So i grabbed my mum's metallic threads and chose the copper, copper is wonderful with leather IMHO.

I share the results with you.

Leafy pendan
t - $ 6.00
Size: 6.5 cm long (2.3 inches) - the leaf is about 3 cm (1 inch) long
Materials: copper thread and vintage leather


Simple Leather Earrings - $4.50 each couple
Size: 6 cm (2 inches) long
Materials: Vintage Leather and Copper thread


Spiral Earrings - $ 6.00 each couple
Size: 6 cm (2 inches) long
Materials: Vintage Leather and Copper thread

All these items are completely hand made by me.
The leather was stiffened in water without adding any other substances.

I ship internationally and I package everything in the safest way possible but I'm not responsible for anything that happens to the item after I 've left the post office.
Shipping rates are $ 3.00 per item + $ 0.50 with another item.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me at my email adress:
simplynerdilicious [!at]

/me hugZ you..


Gear for Real Geeks

I haven't posted in a while, but I've been trying some things i really like.
I told myself that I should come up with something very geeky to be consistent with my initial purpose and with the name of this blog.
So, after sewing a multi-purpose white elastic belt I crafted some things from old happy floppy disks which decided to be my sacrifice for this noble deeds..

and without further ado, I would like to introduce you.. my FLOPPY DISK ART!

this was the first try, i had some trouble initially with gluing all parts correctly but it came out a lovely and cute star..

these earrings are made from the actual plastic case of the disk, I had this bunch of colorful disks I decided to use them.. this is recycling and giving a new life to objects =)

I want to say something about it, it is important to recycle and think about all the problems that our economies are creating by increasing the production of consumer goods which produce waste and help destroy our wonderful planet. We should think more about energy saving, renewable energies and alternative lifestyle.
Supporting recycled and upcycled items can help in a way..

Look at this SITE - STORY OF STUFF to discover a lot of stuff about this..and learn how we can help!

Last news for today, I created a paypal account and as soon as I have enough items I'll open the etsy shop.. stay tuned!

/me hugz you


Jeans brooch

another one!

This is a flower brooch made of jeans, a very heavy and thick fabric, actually not very easy to sew by hand and a beautifl yellow button with a little flower shape on it.
Again, the picture quality is horrible, but my camera hasn't come to life again yet, sorry about that!



Moar brooches

Hi, I'm back again with some new creations.
The pictures are horrible because I don't have my camera with me and I have to use the webcam instead, and the quality is really poor.
I hope they give you an hint of what they are, and I will update the pictures as soon as I can grab a camera, promise.

So, these are some rose-shaped tulle brooches I did using a tutorial I found on the amazing site [ BURDA STYLE ], and they're much better than the first one I posted, about 3 - 5 cm wide decorated with beads of different kind ans size.

The blue one is the first I've made, then comes the green and the purple one.. I'm pretty satisfied with the last one, that's why I put more details.

I hope you'll like them.


Tulle Brooch

As first entry I am going to show you my very first tulle brooch.

It was pretty much an experiment, I was aiming at something more flower-like, which I achieved later, but all in all I'm quite satisfied with the result.
It is very simple, two different stripes of tulle in two different colours and size.

Please leave any comment, comments and critique are very much welcome here.
yours sincerely,


Hi everyone..
finally I'm starting this new adventure, that is creating a sewing/crafting blog to show things I create with the thought of opening an etsy shop sooner or later.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you this blog from its basics, the name.
Simply Nerdilicious, this comes from a play on words I said once and I thought it really suits me well. I'm a bit of a nerd/geek type, but I think you can be it with style.. this is the concept behind this name.. BE NERD WITH STYLE!

Secondly, I would like to introduce myself
My name is Floriana, I'm 27 and I come from Italy. I'm currently studying Translation in Trieste (Italy) for English and German.
It may strike that I don't study fashion or something the like, but this has always been a passion for me ever since I was a child, my granma worked as a taylor and my mum always sewed our clothes.. so I've always been fond of this art. I really believe this is a great way to express one's creativity.

well.. the greeting ended, I inform you that I'm going to post soon some of the things I have done, and let you know as soon as I will put up a shop or a paypal account, just in case you are interested in some of my creations.

I wish you all goodnight,