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I haven't posted in a while, but I've been trying some things i really like.
I told myself that I should come up with something very geeky to be consistent with my initial purpose and with the name of this blog.
So, after sewing a multi-purpose white elastic belt I crafted some things from old happy floppy disks which decided to be my sacrifice for this noble deeds..

and without further ado, I would like to introduce you.. my FLOPPY DISK ART!

this was the first try, i had some trouble initially with gluing all parts correctly but it came out a lovely and cute star..

these earrings are made from the actual plastic case of the disk, I had this bunch of colorful disks I decided to use them.. this is recycling and giving a new life to objects =)

I want to say something about it, it is important to recycle and think about all the problems that our economies are creating by increasing the production of consumer goods which produce waste and help destroy our wonderful planet. We should think more about energy saving, renewable energies and alternative lifestyle.
Supporting recycled and upcycled items can help in a way..

Look at this SITE - STORY OF STUFF to discover a lot of stuff about this..and learn how we can help!

Last news for today, I created a paypal account and as soon as I have enough items I'll open the etsy shop.. stay tuned!

/me hugz you

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