Being Human - The Musical (extreme blogging edition)

Hello all,

I've been absent (now tell us something we don't already know! )..

I know, it's always like that.

Anyways.. I have been recently sucked into a tunnel called BEING HUMAN.
As I told in my previous blog I've been totally absorbed by this British TV series, which aired on BBC3 Sundays and ended last Sunday.
A very sad thought, but I've been in good company mourning the end of this little TV jewel thanks to the BBC BH Blog [check it here - warning may contain spoilers].

Those bloggers are amazing! XD
At first I found a little hard to get into conversations especially because they post so much it's hard to keep up.. but after a while I got to understand how it works "the ancient machinery of the world" and it's a blast!

I am the unlucky one who couldn't follow the live blog due to regional restrictions, but I can follow the blog =) And I am so glad to the BH Production and BH Blog Team for always putting all the videos on YouTube so I can see them!! thank you!!!!

Well, the thing is.. we (users from the blog) created our own music score to the series through a song game where we put songs we think might fit the different characters. The results are very itneresting and made me discover a lot of great songs..

I decide to post the final playlist here in order for me to update it whenever needed.


knockin of heavens door - bob dylan
The Legion of the Hungry Ghosts - Kim Boekbinder/Vermillion Lies
there's a ghost in my house - r dean taylor
There's A Ghost In My House - The Fall.
you can't touch this - mc hammer
see right through me - mobile
thank you - jamelia (for owen)
I'll be watching you - Police
Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield/ Maggie Reilly
oughta know - alanis morrisette (with Owen)


the thong song

one way or another" - Blondie
we made you - eminem
Bad Things - Jace Everett
Your Missus Is A Nutter - GLC.
Bodies – sex pistols
blood on the tracks - bob dylan?
run this town - rihanna etc!

kill you - eminem
Stab your back (coroner mix) – the Damned
Crazy - Patsy Cline (in memory of Ivan)
Wicked Ways - Garbage

i will always love you - whitney houston
please dont leave me - pink
wolf like me
Love song - the Damned
Howl - Florence + the machine
Bang bang - Nancy Sinatra
The killing moon- Echo& the bunnymen
I try - Macy Grey (before the scratch)
First time ever I saw your face - Ewan MacColl
Hurt - Johnny Cash (George trying to leave Nina)
should I stay or should I go - the clash (pre-scratch)

go wild in the country - bowowowow
Sign of the Wolf - Pentagram.
The curse of Millhaven - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Bark At the Moon – Ozzy Ozborne
Blue Moon - too many to mention
hungry like the wolf - duran duran
can't fight the moonlight - leann rimes
Neat Neat Neat – the Damned

Death is not the End - Nick Cave and the Bad seeds

we'll meet again - vera lynn
The Lovecats - The Cure (in the eighties)

religious - r. kelly
all i do each night is pray- take that
God was drunk when he made me - Jim White
please, please please (let me get what i want) - the smiths
living on a prayer - madonna
Losing My Religion – REM

She blinded me with science - Thomas Dolby
coward - american head charge
Inflammable Material – SLF
it wasn't me - shaggy

Bitch - Meredith Brooks
Christian Woman - Type O Negative.
Papa don't preach - Madonna
the Bitch is back - Elton
The sex has made me stupid - Robots in Disguise
Liar - the Damned
Loo – the Cult Maniax*
bad boys - alexandra burke
im a ***** ((female dog)) - alanis morrisette
stop – jamelia (for Lucy and Mitchell)

down in the Tubestation at midnight - the Jam
Smash it up – the Damned (Coroners office)
Black Eyed Boy - Texas
Love Will Save You (But It Won't Save Me) - Swans.
sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
time is on my side- rolling stones
with black eyes - placebo
red right hand - nick cave
blood on my hands (used)
love stinks - adam sandler
My way - Frank Sinatra

If you tolerate this (then your children will be next) - Manic street Preachers
She wolf - Shakira
Nina is a Punk rocker - the Ramones
under pressure - david bowie and freddie mercury? (in the compression chamber)
scarred and scared - rod stewart
torn - Natalie Imbruglia
Temptation Waits - Garbage (first change)

redemption song - Bob Marley
Born to be Wild - Steppen Wolf.
if i could turn back time - cher
the message - grandmaster flash and the furious 5.
Parklife - Blur

Train Guard/Sparky: Sick things – Meteors
Trevor:Tuna Fish by Emiliana Torrini
:Stuck/Suck on you – Lionel Richtie
All in the “Facility”: Sanctuary – The Cult
Decompression Chamber: The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave
Episode 8: The Final Countdown - Europe
Censsa: run to the hills - iron maiden
The Three/Four-some: Stand by Me - Ben E King
The Fab4: monster mash - Bobby 'boris' pickett & the cryptkickers
Annie/Mitchell theory: Earth Angel - Chuck Berry
Any and all: Iris - the Goo Goo Dolls

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  1. Omg! Me & you have A LOT of the same songs in our iPods!!! Woah, crazy!!
    I love that you listen to The Police and The Clash...aswell as The Cure! *sigh*
    Robert Smith is my dream lover......lol!!