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after a period of hiatus I'm writing back on the blog.
I want to do this tonight, for in the next 4 or 5 days I'll be pretty busy and have no time to do so.

I have a lot of things to say, this is really going to be a "life" post, rather than a "craft" post..as I haven't been crafting for long since my sewing machine foot decided to flee from my house and it seems almost impossible to find a new one =_="

Well, btw..
not much has been going on lately, and the new year hasn't brought the enthusiasm back into me.
I just feel like I don't have the drive to do anything, I don't know what I want to be "when I grow up" (and given I'm almost 28 it's probably a bit late to re-think my whole life).. I graduated almost 2 months ago and I didn't really sent away any CVs to any company or so.. it's just I don't feel like I really want to take my life into my own hands..probably I don't feel like I am able to face the "real world".
I've studied translation for som 8 years now and I don't feel like I can or want to do this as a job,but I can't do anything else.. so it's pretty fucked up.
I sound a little emo, don't I?
I know the problem it's me, my lack of self-confidence, my lack of focus and goals.. I know nobody else can help me but myself, but again I'm not sure I really want to.

They say "the only way is through".
I know it's right.. but I'm afraid of moving the first step.
I shall repeat to myself Bilbo's words to Frodo:

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door," he used to say. "You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to."

Maybe I shall read again LOTR, it's always been a book f wisdom to me, "a light, when all other lights go out", quoting Lady Galadriel's words.
And again,

Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

My mum always tells me I was born to do something great, that I wanted to come to this world at any means necessary. But I can't see what it is. I really can't.

Stop ranting now.

If you've been brave enough to read up to this point you win a big prize: reading my ramblings about social networking and my favourite tv shows.

First, lately I've been pondering a lot about my relationship with the internet and social networks like facebook and twitter.
I started to use the computer and internet when I was a little older than the avarage internet user of these days ( I was like 19-20), I remember when Internet was a brand new thing, google didn't existed yet, chatrooms were something mysterious and blogs were even more mysterious. The first time I used to internet for some sort of social interaction was back in 2003, I was on an Italian Tolkien Forum where I met some of the most amazing people i've ever met. I loved everything about that place, we were a small and very tight community, we met fairly often, we fell in love, we fought, we had a great time. Then something broke.
It was only on my side, I was disappointed by some people, and I simply cut the wires with everyone.. at times I tried to get back, but then I just felt I didn't belong there anymore somehow.
And that's what happens to me everytime, especially in RPGs I used to play, although I kept in touch with more people there.

And that's typical of me, I just can't keep in touch with people. I really just can't. Even people I love so much, I live in this sort of limbo, looking to everyone in a nostalgic rearview mirror, my thoughts are always there but I can't stretch my arms to touch them. And that's how I lost a lot of people, I know it hurts but then I don't change. I am pretty much similar to the literary figure of the inept, the worthless man of many authors from European literature of the beginning of the 20th century.

Then social networks came.
You may think, wow! a great chance to keep in touch with those people you lost. Well, theoretically it is so, practically it is just some sort of superficial contact you have with them. And even so..I use them to talk with those with whom I speak every day via msn or skype.
Anyway, for me social networks have never been a way to know new people and just to track people I already knew. That's why I usually don't add people I don't know in real life..

..that was before the Twitter Era.
I saw twitter the first time some 2 yrs ago, a friend of mine used it. I didn't find it interesting, or easy, and I couldn't really work out its ways.. but then some months ago I started following some actors from HEROES (Brea Grant, Greg Grunberg and James Kyson Lee), to get updates and it was funny.
Than I started tweeting, basically my fb statuses translated into English, and after that I started using it on a more regular basis, now I use itmost of the time! XD
This shows how social networks can get addictive somehow.
Going back on the subject, it was only when I started following Kim Boekbinder (Vermillion Lies - check more info on her and her solo album project here, and on the posts below) and her webcasts, that I started adding before unknown people on twitter (those I met on her webcasts). And later people from Thread banger, the first forum I followed with interest in years after the Tolkien one.
And I found some very wonderful people.
some poeple I can laugh with, I can share thoughts with, some people I really like, even though I cannot really say I know them, but I have feelings for what they say, I care if I read they're sad, I try to help as far as I can..
That surprised me.

I read a tweet by someone random that read something like "I really pity those who use twitter to pretend they're friends with celebrities".
I don't think that's the spirit. I mean, I follow lots of celebs (as of today i'm following only 73 ppl), but only thos who interest me. But i wouldn't say I'm their friend. I just like to know what they say, and if I have some thoughts to share i just write them although I know they couldn't possibly read them all..
I must say some of them are really sweet, and do their best to answer most of their @ tweets. I really appreciate that, and they make me sympathise even more. the most "answering" are Kim Boekbinder, Sinead Keenan from one of my favourite TV shows (Being Human), the staff from BurdaStyle, Wendy Linn Avignone the make-up artist from Heroes..

...and this takes us to the TV shows bit of this neverending post.

I've been following some 3/4 series lately.

1. I'm waiting for LOST last series so badly.. and on february the 2nd is finally coming again. I'm counting the hours!!!

2. HEROES - I loved the show. I would love to see a 5th season, if they do something about the screenplay. This 4th season is turning out a bit awkward.. I don't see where they're heading, how this could end in an effective way..I'm not sure I'm loving it the way I used to. Of course there are some characters I will always adore (thanks for bringing Adam back for at least one episode ♥ - I love David Anders Holt).. but I don't know what to think of the whole show.. I think I watch it more out of affection than out of interest.

3. BEING HUMAN -I watched the first season in 2 days (6 episodes) and I instantly fell in love with it. The concept is original: a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who share a flat in Bristol and try to live a normal life. The atmosphear is very British (and that's something I really loved), which makes it very different from all American series, and very peculiar. Season 1 is a great blend of thriller, irony, brilliant comedy, great villains, great cast(the actor playing Herrick was incredible), good plot. I love the choice of actors for the main roles. Season 2 has started on Jan 10 and it's quite different from the 1st in tone but it gave me the opportunity to appreciate the acting skills of Sinead Keenan (who plays Nina), I didn't pay too much attention to her in season 1, but she's doing great in this one and I think she's being my favourite so far. Amy Manson is also very good ( I liked her in DESPERATE ROMATICS too) but she seems like always being a bit over-acting, I still don't understand if it's her character's way or if it depends on her.
That being said, I'm sorry we won't get this in Italy, because I think that's a quality show, and I 'm afraid of how tha American version is going to be, as I love so much the Britishness of it!

4. THE BIG BANG THEORY - As a self-proclaimed nerd I can't help but love it.
I love everything about the show, the characters, the lines, the situations.. I've watched the 3 seasons in like.. 4 days? Well! Now I'm pretty addicted to this! BAZINGA!

Well I guess I've written too much this time, you'll have 4 days to read this.
If you made it until down here, you should know I love you ♥


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  1. Omg you are so right! I'm addicted to Twitter and instant messaging!!
    I surf a lot on etsy since I have a shop and threadbanger since I've been there for ever! LOL!
    ...but yeah, addicted to the net in general!
    And now there's even digi-comics! Oh my! :)