#nerdwedding is a thing

Is there a more perfect way to re-open my blog than talking about a very nerdilicious Love?
I don't think so.

And this is serious business... I have two friends (well, more than two actually), but this two friends in particular who are going to get married next year.

 ((these are my friends - cute, aren't they?))

"YAY!", you'd think "Why should I care?" you ask me. Because  the are both geeks who are trying to organize a nerd wedding, BUT they are penniless and in Italy the economic situation being what it is they are looking for sponsors to sponsor their wedding who would help them with products, services or publicity.

I know this is a thing already in the US and the Anglo-Saxon world, but it's quite new in Italy and they are looking for support, they already have some pretty neat stuff, like Chessex  sposoring D20s as a gift for the guests.

They are Claudia and Marco aka Daka and Dark, hence the name of the blog they created for their wedding: DIperDI. (It's mostly in Italian but they have a page in English and they are happy for every for of support)

I met Claudia on a Tolkien-related online forum about 11 years ago and we shared that passion ever since, so when they posted about their wedding I figured I wanted to help with the little skills I have.

So I figured I could make something out of fabric and I came up with the idea of making Coats of Arms for them, their House Banners. I am going for something fantasy-like for her and something sci-fi-y for him and also a banner for the new family once conjoined.

I have been sketching a couple of drafts and I will post them after I checked with the happy couple.
I am very excited about this, it is actually my very first commission.

Find out more about them on Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Ask fm

I'll keep you posted!
Nerdily yours,

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