Good News as Yule Presents!

Hi everyone!

Though I failed in creating my daily crafty Adventskalender I still have mede some things and I bring good news.
On December, 15th The Impossible Girl by Kim Boekbinder was released. And I am listening to it in this very moment!

It is an amazing record, which comes with amazing art for every track.
I've been waiting for it for so long and now I am super happy and satisfied! It's just great!
You should definitely check it out :




It also comes with all kind of goodies: t-shirts, posters, cards, and - NEW! - a new cosmetic line from Sweet Libertine, inspired by The Impossible Girl!!!!

The Impossible Girl has the form of two eye shades and a glitter, available:


What are you waiting for???


I said there are some news.. and here they are.

I have a job!!! w00t!

Yes, starting from January I will work in the Tourist Office in Hinterzarten, a village in the Black Forest Highlands (South Germany), and I'm totally glad! I have been doing an internship in the Tourist company for the last 6 months, and I'm happy that I have been employed now because it means I have done a good job untile now and that everyone was happy about my work!

Mum told me she didn't want to talk to me the night dad told her I would stay in Germany to work. I can understand that. She knows I want to do this and it's a great chance for me, and she's happy for me, but I can understand that it makes her somehow sad, since I won't be going home that often anymore..

And yes, today though it's Sunday, I'll have to take some Italian journalist to ourr gorgeous Christmas Market and I will probably freeze to death.. I really haven't found the right winter shoes yet! damn it!!


It comes in the form of a sewing project.
It's actually a no sew man shirt recon: I had founf a tutorial on CutOut+Keep this summer fr this super easy project.. and no wI have two shirts and I have tried it. it's fabulous!

You basically need to button up two shirts together and then tie the sleeves on your back, and voilà! (Click on the image to enlarge)

You can find the original Tutorial: HERE.

On Tuesday I am travelling back to Italy to spend Christmas with my friends and family!

Nerdily yours,
Indil ♥

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  1. Ehi ciao! Grazie mille per essere passata dal mio blog e avermi lasciato un segno della tua presenza :) passa quando vuoi, sei sempre la benvenuta!
    p.s. mi piace molto il tuo abito handmade! ;)