I got featured!!!

Do you remember my friends who are planning the #nerdwedding?

They featured me on their blog and asked me a couple of questions about what I am doing for them and what "being a nerd" means to me.

You can read it  here  (In Italian).

But basically here you can see some work in progress of what I am doing for them.

For Daka I chose something elvish-y and art-nouveau-ish (because that's a lot how I see Elven Things), so I went for floral and winding lines. Her favourite flower is the gerbera (which I feel is more hobbity than elvish) but I tried to embed it into flowing lines.

A big source of insipration have been Professor Tolkien's very own Heraldry for the Houses of Middle Earth and the masterpieces of my favourite painter of all Alfons Mucha. 

Dark is a big fan of star wars and science fiction so it was a bit more difficult for me because my imagination is a lot more eradicated in the fantasy/mythology land. So I researched  spaceships and space monsters to find something suitable and I realised that Star wars has all these fancy symbols that I so wanted to adapt into something fluid, the way I feel more comfortable about drawing.
And I came up with this...

Are you excited about what comes next? I am.
stay tuned!

Nerdily yours,

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